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In 2005, Massachusetts enacted Melanie's Law. Melanie's Law increased the penalties for operating under the influence (OUI) offenses, particularly for people who refuse a Breathalyzer test or are convicted of second or subsequent OUI offenses. If you or a loved one has been accused of OUI, it is important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. From our office in Framingham, attorney Michael Foglia and his team have successfully defended people throughout the Commonwealth facing serious OUI charges.

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Melanie's Law has a number of enhanced penalties for people accused of OUI and OUI-related offenses, including:

  • Increased license suspension penalties for people who refuse to submit to a chemical test.
  • Upon a second conviction of OUI, any driver who qualifies for a hardship license must have an interlock ignition device installed in his or her car for the length of the hardship license, and for two years afterward.
  • Any person whose license has been suspended for OUI, who is later convicted of OUI while his or her license is suspended, can be convicted of both OUI and OUI with a suspended license. OUI with a suspended license will bring on a mandatory jail term.
  • A conviction of manslaughter with a motor vehicle will have a mandatory minimum prison sentence.

At Foglia & Associates, P.C., our experienced criminal defense attorneys understand how Melanie's Law will apply to your situation. While you may face significant penalties, you may still have options and potential defenses. The government must prove every part of your case beyond a reasonable doubt. Our Framingham Melanie's Law attorneys will hold the government to its burden, challenging the evidence and fighting to gain a dismissal, reduction of the charges or other positive outcome.

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