Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving MetroWest

At Foglia & Associates, P.C., we devote much of our practice to defending the rights of people accused of serious crimes. While based in Framingham, our criminal defense attorneys represent clients in Superior and District Courts across Massachusetts. Our familiarity of the local courts helps our clients in many ways.

OUI/DUI And Drug Crime Lawyers Serving MetroWest, Worcester And Beyond

We defend people accused of all types of crimes, including:

  • Drunk driving/OUI: An OUI conviction could lead to the suspension of your driving privileges and a number of other issues. We will provide a tough defense aimed at dismissing the charges or reducing the penalties. Our team of lawyers regularly takes OUI cases and has achieved successful results time and again.
  • Melanie's Law/Repeat OUI: OUI charges under Melanie's Law can lead to enhanced penalties. At our law firm, we will find any weaknesses in the prosecution's case and fight for a positive resolution.
  • Drug offenses: We represent clients facing all types of drug charges, including possession, distribution and other drug trafficking charges. Whatever your charge, we will go the extra mile to explore the best possible defense.
  • Sex offenses: A sex crime conviction will lead to jail time and placement on Massachusetts' Sex Offender Registry. When the stakes are this high, you need a lawyer, such as the lawyers of Foglia & Associates, P.C., who can contest the government's case at every turn.
  • Assault and battery: There are many defenses to assault and battery charges. Whether a domestic violence charge, a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon, or some other charges of violence, our lawyers are fully prepared to defend your rights.

We know that for many of our clients, a criminal conviction will bring on more than fines, probation and even jail. A conviction can limit many job opportunities as well. Also, if you are not a naturalized citizen, a criminal conviction can lead to the denial of naturalization, denial of citizenship or even deportation. At Foglia & Associates, P.C., we understand the legal consequences and the immigration consequences, and will work relentlessly to achieve results.

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