Construction Accident Lawyers In MetroWest

Even under the best circumstances, construction work is dangerous. Every day, construction workers face potential hazards that can lead to catastrophic injuries. If you or someone you love has been hurt on a construction site, you know these injuries can prevent you from working for a long time. By working with skilled attorneys, you can give yourself the best possible chance of recovering the compensation you need to cover your expenses.

For years, people across Massachusetts have turned to Foglia & Associates, P.C., for tough, experienced legal representation. MetroWest construction accident attorney Michael A. Foglia leads a group of lawyers committed to helping you through this difficult time.

Taking On Workers' Compensation And Personal Injury Cases

We represent injured construction workers in both workers' compensation claims and personal injury claims. Many times, an injured construction worker will be able to bring a personal injury suit, known as a third-party claim, against someone other than his or her employer. For example, if a subcontractor was responsible for your injuries, you may have the right to sue this company for all of your lost wages, as well as damages for your pain and suffering. At Foglia & Associates, P.C., we have successfully brought many third-party claims on behalf of injured workers.

We recovered $475,000 for a man who was struck by a car while on the job, causing him to lose his leg. Please see more of our results on our testimonials page.

Fall Injury Lawyers Serving Framingham

Perhaps the biggest risk construction workers face is the risk of falling. Falling off of a roof, a scaffold, a ladder or from some other height can lead to serious injuries. At Foglia & Associates, P.C., we represent people who have sustained injuries in all types of roofing and scaffolding accidents. We will prepare the strongest possible case aimed at maximizing your potential recovery.

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